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Additional rules for winter fishing 


  • Ice fishing tents may be used. The prerequisite for having ice fishing tents is that supervisors are given access to ice fishing tents for checking fishing licences, gear and catch.

  • Ice fishing tents must be taken home after each fishing opportunity

The lake opens up for winterfishing again on 2023-12-26

Welcome to



Where? Holsträsket Norrfjärden

When? Boxing day December 26 at 9am

Fishing license premier day 120 SEK (9-24). Sale of fishing licenses in the cottage at 7.30-10.

News! Ice fishing tents allowed. See separate rules.

Only one fishing rod per person.

Other time you need “Fishing license 24 hours” or “Fishing license year“ NOTE! “Fishing license year” are not valid premiere day!

Maximum 4 noble fish per fishing license per day



phone 070-402 60 66

swish 123 464 1312, mark deposit clearly with name and datum

Rules (2023-12-25)

The rules and regulations that are taken are to preserve and have a good fish
stock in the lake.

We work actively to ensure that you have good fishing in the

  • The fishing license is personal and should be included when fishing.
  • When checking fees, payment with swish should be shown.
    Charges without dates are invalid.

  • The fisherman should have the fishing license at hand to easily display it
    at the request of the supervisor.

  • 2 fishing rods/person.

  • Fishing rods must not be left unattended.

  • Maximum 4 noble fish/day and license

  • Children under the age of 14 fish for free in the company of adults at their

  • Open for fishing both summer and winter. During certain periods the lake
    is closed for fishing, see info

  • Fishing nets and fixed gear are prohibited!

  • Only fishing rods are allowed to fish with

  •  Separate provisions for fishing premieres

  •  Additional rules exist for winter fishing and summer fishing

The fishing rules apply according to Swedish law while others are local rules.

If you violate the rules, you risk being notified by the police, temporarily evicted
from the lake by the supervisor, possibly suspended from the lake

Price list

  • Fishing licence premier day 120 SEK/person
  • Fishing licence 24 hours 120 SEK/person
  • Fishing licence year individual 1.000 SEK
  • Fishing license year family 1.500 SEK

  • Boat hire 0-3 hours 50 SEK/boat
  • Boat hire up to 6 hours 100 SEK/boat
  • Boat hire up to 9 hours 150 SEK/boat
  • Boat hire up to 12 hours 200 SEK/boat
  • Seasonal berth (for docking your own boat) 100SEK/boat

  • Camping 100 SEK/day
  • Season card camping incl fishing license year individual (sales start at summer premiere) 2.500 SEK
  • Season card camping incl fishing license year family (sales start at summer premiere) 2.700 SEK

Payment information for fishish license, boat rental and camping at


The mailbox is divided into three compartments.








This part of the box contains envelopes, used for cash payment, where you write the date, name and what the payment means. Add money (SEK only) and paste the envelope.
Place the envelope in the stainless steel box.


In this compartment there are swish notes, which are used when paying by swish, where you write the date, name and what the payment means. Swish the sum to the association's swish number (please use the QR code) and write in the swish message what the payment means. Don't forget the date and name. Put the swish note in the stainless steel box.


In this compartment you will find our information brochure in Swedish about the fishing association.

Payment with swish is made to number 123 464 13 12. Write C for camping, B for boat hire, FK for fishing license, date and registration number for the veichle in the messege field. Ex FK, C 12-13/10 ABC123.

Camping is allowed all year round, also when there is a fishing ban. You can use the toilet, the barbecue areas, the rest cottages and the woodshed. Please remember to bring your garbage home during winter, we only have garbage collection during the summer fishing season.